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Christian Ryder & Max Romano: RAW, Scene #01 Xxx Video

Christian Ryder & Max Romano: RAW, Scene #01 Free Xxx Video

March 21, 2023

We find Christian Ryder and Max Romano making out on the bed as Max takes control. Rising to his knees, Max uses his hands to direct Christian towards his chest. Christian pays special attention to Max’s nipples, then the two swap places as Max explores Christian’s smooth chest.

With the foreplay out of the way, Christian releases Max’s cock from the confines of his shorts, then quickly takes it into his mouth. Max steps off the bed to remove his shorts completely, then climbs back aboard so Christian can continue throating his dick.

Max helps Christian strip away his shorts before Max leans forward, taking Christian’s cock into his mouth. Christian’s cock grows rock-hard as Max deep throats him.

The two swap places several times, enjoying each other’s mouths until Max is ready to escalate.

Christian gets on all-fours on the bed and Max helps himself to an all-you-can-eat buffet of Christian’s ass. Max tongue-fucks Christian’s hole, getting it slicked up and ready for his fat cock.

Max moves into position and presses his dick against Christian’s hole. As Max slides it in, Christina’s ass hungrily swallows Max’s cock as Max throws his head back in ecstasy. Max reaches forward, using Christian’s hips and shoulders for leverage as he pulls Christian harder and deeper back on to his cock.

Christian transitions onto his back on the bed and Max plunges back in, holding Christian’s right leg aloft as he plows into Christian’s hole. Christian strokes his own cock, then busts a copious load all over his stomach as Max rams his prostate.

Just as Christian finishes nutting, Max proclaims that he’s about to cum, then deposits his seed deep into Christian’s ass. Max pulls out, revealing the sticky mess he’s made, then leans in for a kiss.