Max Romano: Solo, Scene #01 Xxx Video

Max Romano: Solo, Scene #01 Free Xxx Video

January 19, 2023

**This Solo has an EXPLOSIVE ending**

Max Romano is a chill and friendly guy excited to make his Chaos debut!

We find Max relaxing on the bed in a t-shirt and dark jeans as he gives his candid interview. He reveals that he loves food and is currently in the mood for some Chinese food. Maybe we can give him a few recommendations on his way out.

Max likes a wide range of guys, but mostly his age or older. He’s not opposed to sex on the first date. He’d like to ‘get it out of the way’ and make sure they’re compatible. Smart man!

Max is more of a bottom, but this also depends on the guy. If they’re bigger/stronger than he is, he’ll let them take control. If they’re younger/smaller than he is, he likes to ‘pick them up and rail them.’

Max stands and removes his shirt and jeans, then sits back down on the bed, keeping his briefs on for the moment. We can tell he’s already hard as his briefs are struggling to contain him.

He pulls his waistband down and reveals his cock, then gets to work stroking it. He likes to thumb the head of his cock.

He peels away his briefs and continues his stroking, then gets up on his knees. He throws his head back as he strokes faster.

Max turns around on the bed and showcases his hairy hole for you, pulling his cheeks apart to tease his hole with his fingers.

Max lays back on the bed and continues to play with his cock, alternating his hands between his dick, balls, and furry chest as he works up to climax.

We should have known Max would be a genuine firehose – as he gets close to the edge, he shoots off a couple ropes of precum before announcing that he’s going to cum. He leans up to watch his dick as he nuts, then fires of an enormous rope of cum that you can literally hear spray all over his chest, face, and the bed/floor behind him. But he’s not finished – I counted no less than 5, maybe 6 impressive shots. We even included an angle in slo-motion for your enjoyment!

Stay tuned for more from Max!