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Distracting Dick With Max Adonis & Xavier Zane

October 4, 2023
Channel: Evil Angel

Max Adonis is really struggling with the burden of going to college and holding down a job as well. This is especially difficult as he is constantly listening to his roommate Xavier Zane pounding away on every cute boy he finds and having a great time while he buckles down being responsible. Finally reaching a sticking point in his geography Xavier comes into his room seeking to distract him. Max has been secretly yearning for Xavier for some time now and what is really distracting is Xavier’s fat cock. It does not take much for that Cock to come out and wrap his lips around it. Max’s hole is twitching at the cock in his mouth and knows he wants it filled, Xavier as if reading his mind spins him around to pound that sweet ass. Before long they are a sweaty mess on the bed dripping in a combination of sweat and cum. Things take a serious turn when Xavier suggests they just get a 1 bedroom instead.