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Christian Ryder & Max Romano: Serviced, Scene #01 Xxx Video

Christian Ryder & Max Romano: Serviced, Scene #01 Free Xxx Video

February 11, 2023

Max Romano is laying on his stomach on the bed as Christian Ryder begins Max’s massage, rubbing Max’s back before adding some oil. As Christian focuses on Max’s shoulders, Max exclaims ‘That feels good,’ and moans with pleasure.

Christian gives Max a thorough massage, pressing deeply into Max’s tight muscles as Max encourages him. Max seems to be especially tight in his thighs, and Christian is more than happy to spend time working those knots out.

Max lifts his ass, encouraging Christian to play with his cock. Christian obliges, leaning in to tease Max’s cock with his tongue, then rubbing on Max’s hole with his fingers.

Christian and Max share a kiss before Max flips over on to his back. Christian returns to his massage work, but wastes no time focusing his efforts on Max’s cock.

Christian takes Max’s rock-hard dick into his mouth as Max moans. Christian is soon showing off his skills, taking Max’s cock deep into his throat, then backing off occasionally to come up for a kiss.

Christian delivers an enthusiastic blowjob, alternating his techniques and attention between Max’s cock and balls. Max’s legs begin to twitch as he approaches climax, then shoots a thick load, half of which ends up on his belly, the other half in Christian’s mouth.

Christian cleans up the mess he’s made, then the two share a well-earned cummy kiss.