Fzywze & Jack Andy: RAW, Scene #01

January 24, 2023

We find FZYWZE and Jack Andy making out on the bed, exploring each other’s bodies and rubbing their fingers through each other’s fur. FZYWZE helps himself to some sniffs and licks of Jack’s armpit before laying on his back on the bed in preparation for some foot worship.

FZYWZE pulls off Jack’s black sock, pausing to take a sniff before running his tongue along Jack’s toes.

The two strip away their jockstraps and FZYWZE gets to work throating Jack’s hard cock balls-deep. Jack moans and growls with pleasure as he places his hand on the back of FZYWZE’s head to push him even deeper on his cock.

FZYWZE and Jack swap places, with Jack helping himself to FZYWZE’s hairy dick. Jack reaches down to play with his own cock, balls, and hole. FZYWZE growls as Jack throats his cock deeper and deeper.

FZYWZE gets on all fours, giving Jack access to his furry ass. Jack tongue- and finger-fucks FZYWZE’s hole, getting it ready to accommodate his fat dick.

Jack rises to his knees and teases FXYWZE’s ass with his cock, engaging in some ‘hot dog in a bun’ action as he humps FZYWZE’s cheeks. Jack leans forward and spits on to his cock, then slowly starts to slide it into FZYWZE’s hungry hole. FZYWZE moans and pushes back onto Jack’s dick, taking every inch deep inside him.

FZYWZE flips over on to his back and Jack plunges back in to his hole, fucking him relentlessly until Jack approaches climax. Jack pulls out and shoots his load all over FZYWZE’s cock before pumping the last few drops into FZYWZE’s ass.