Cesar Rossi & Drake Von: RAW, Scene #01 Xxx Video

Cesar Rossi & Drake Von: RAW, Scene #01 Free Xxx Video

March 7, 2023

We find Cesar Rossi and Drake Von laying on the bed making out. The pair explore each other’s bodies, pawing at their bulges as they kiss. It doesn’t take long for Cesar to pull off Drake’s black shorts. Cesar leans in and takes Drake’s hard dick into his mouth as Drake presses his head back against the headboard. Drake closes his eyes and moans as Cesar tries desperately to take all of Drake’s fat cock down his throat.

Cesar reaches down and unbuttons his own shorts, allowing his hard dick to pop out. We watch from between Drake’s legs as Cesar trains his throat to accommodate more and more of Drake’s cock. Drake offers a helping hand by pressing against the back of Cesar’s head.

The two strip away their shorts completely and Cesar rises to his knees as Drake leans in, taking Cesar’s uncut dick into his warm mouth. Cesar moans as Drake alternates a hand between working Drake’s shaft and stroking his own dick.

The pair lie down in a 69 position, taking each other’s dicks into their throats before Cesar decides he needs that dick in his ass. Cesar straddles Drake, teasing Drake’s cock against his ass before reaching back to guide it into his hole. Cesar lowers himself down balls-deep onto Drakes cock, then begins to rock back and forth. Drake places his hands on Cesar’s hips as the two find a rhythm.

Cesar turns around into a reverse cowboy position. Drake takes control, fucking upward into Cesar’s hole as Cesar strokes his own cock. We watch from up close as Drake pulls Cesar balls-deep onto his dick.

Cesar lays back and Drake moves to the edge of the bed, then plunges back into Cesar’s hungry hole. Drake fucks Cesar deep as Cesar strokes his own cock. Nearing climax, Drake pulls out and busts his nut all over Cesar’s balls, then leans in for a kiss.