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Greg Riley & Quin Quire: RAW Xxx Video

Greg Riley & Quin Quire: RAW Free Xxx Video

February 10, 2023

We find Greg Riley and Quinn Quire kissing on the bed before the two strip away their shirts. Quinn leans in and takes a few deep sniffs of Greg’s musky pits before peeling away his briefs to reveal his rock-hard cock.

Greg gets right to work sucking Quinn’s cock. Quinn helps Greg throat his dick, pushing down on the back of Greg’s head and thrusting his hips upward, encouraging Greg to ‘choke on it.’

Greg and Quinn rise to their knees, then Greg leans forward and continues to worship Quinn’s cock. Quinn leans forward to play with Greg’s ass, playfully snapping the waistband of Greg’s jockstrap.

Greg spins around and Quinn helps himself to a buffet of Greg’s hole. Quinn grins up at Greg as Quinn nibbles on Greg’s ass cheek.

Quinn rises and slaps his cock against Greg’s hole before sliding it in. Quinn grabs Greg’s jockstrap waistband and uses it as leverage to get a good rhythm going as he fucks Greg’s ass. Quinn steps forward and mounts Greg’s ass dog-style as the camera gives you a closeup view of the action.

Greg peels away his jockstrap and lays on his back on the bed as Quinn plunges back into his hole. Quinn pounds Greg’s ass until he reaches climax, pulling out and shooting his load all over Greg’s cock and balls before sliding back into his hole. Quinn feeds Greg some of his load and the two share a kiss as the camera fades away.