Buck Richards & Troy Hardt: RAW

January 23, 2023

We find Buck Richards and Troy Hardt making out on the bed in their underwear. Quickly, Buck takes control and pushes Troy down on the bed, mounting him and instructing him to ‘spank me’.

Buck makes his way down Troy’s body to expose Troy’s massive, rock-hard cock. Buck playfully asks Troy if he wants to suck his dick before telling him ‘not yet’. Buck intends to focus all his energies on sucking Troy’s cock for now.

Buck mounts Troy again, this time in a 69 position, giving Troy access to Buck’s ass. As Buck continues to throat Troy’s cock, Troy pulls Buck’s underwear down just far enough so that he can tongue-fuck Buck’s hole.

Buck flips on to his back and Troy straddles his shoulders as Buck continues to work Troy’s curved cock. Troy stands to the side of the bed as Buck hangs his head off the mattress. Troy face-fucks Buck, then leans forward to throat Buck’s fat dick. We get some close up views of the action before Buck flips on to his knees.

Troy loosens up Buck’s hole with his tongue, getting Troy’s ass ready to accommodate his dick. Buck reaches back and grabs Troy’s head, pulling it deeper between his cheeks. Troy stands and teases Buck’s ass with his cock, grinding his dick between Buck’s cheeks like a hot dog in a bun.

Troy slowly pushes his cock deep into Buck’s hole as Buck proclaims that ‘you’re huge!’ The two take it slow, testing Buck’s bottoming skills as Troy goes balls-deep. Once Buck is fully opened up, Troy lets loose and pounds Buck’s ass relentlessly.

Buck flips on to his back as Troy climbs on to the bed. Buck lifts a leg up over Troy’s shoulder as Troy plunges back into Buck’s ass. Buck grips his own cock tightly, trying hard not to cum as Troy pounds harder and deeper.

Just as Buck is about to cum, Troy leans in for a kiss. Buck begins to spray his load all over himself, then Troy pulls out and adds his cum to the mix. Buck tastes a sample of the mess they’ve both made.