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Blake Ryan & Cesar Rossi: Edge, Scene #01 Xxx Video

Blake Ryan & Cesar Rossi: Edge, Scene #01 Free Xxx Video

March 22, 2023

We find Blake Ryan man-spreading in his seat as Cesar Rossi enters the room. Cesar secures Blake to the chair and applies a blindfold. As Cesar rubs a hand across Blake’s chest and belly, Blake tilts his head back encouraging Cesar to lean in for a kiss.

Cesar kisses his way down Blake’s body, then kneels. We watch as Blake’s cock, rock-hard inside his boxers, twitches with anticipation. Cesar pulls Blake’s dick through his fly and takes it into his mouth. Blake spreads his legs further and instructs Cesar to ‘suck that fucking cock.’

Throughout the scene, Blake dispenses words of encouragement and instruction to Cesar, which actually adds to the scene. Blake is clearly enjoying himself, saying things like, ‘Yeah that mouth feels so good on my cock,’ and ‘Fucking grab my nuts while my dick’s in your mouth…’ Cesar does as he’s told as he takes Blake’s fat dick down his throat.

Blake is already on edge before five minutes in. Stands and removes Blake’s boxers, then goes to work sucking, licking, and pulling on Blake’s full bull balls.

Cesar adds some lube to the mix, tightening his grip around Blake’s cock as he strokes balls-deep. Blake announces that he’s going to cum, but Cesar isn’t quite finished worshipping this stud’s cock – Cesar stops, letting Blake cool off before getting back to work.

Cesar stands and moves behind Blake. Blake tilts his head back and flicks his tongue as Cesar leans in for another kiss. Cesar leans forward some more to stroke Blake’s cock as Blake teases Cesar’s nipple with his lips. As Cesar lets go of Blake’s cock, we watch as it throbs.

Finally ready to let Blake nut, Cesar goes to work stroking Blake’s cock and tugging on his balls until Blake cums a thick load that dribbles down Cesar’s hand and onto the floor.