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Cesar Rossi & Killian Knox: RAW, Scene #01 Xxx Video

Cesar Rossi & Killian Knox: RAW, Scene #01 Free Xxx Video

March 21, 2023

We find Cesar Rossi and Killian Knox making out on the bed. Cesar quickly helps himself to Killian’s cock, moving Killian’s shorts to the side to pull out his hard cock before leaning down and taking it into his mouth. Killian moans with delight as Cesar takes his cock balls-deep. Killian places a hand on the back of Cesar’s head and gently encourages Cesar to take it deeper. Cesar obliges as Killian thrusts his hips upward.Killian strips away his shorts and Cesar gets back to work throating his cock. Ready to return the favor, Killian trades places with Cesar, peeling away Cesar’s shorts to expose Cesar’s hard, uncut dick. Killian immediately takes Cesar’s cock into his mouth and down his throat before pausing to indulge in his foot fetish. Killian lifts Cesar’s leg and explores Cesar’s left foot, then moves back in to position, rubbing the top of his smooth head on Cesar’s cock and balls before sucking it balls-deep as Cesar groans with pleasure.Cesar flips on to all-fours, giving Killian access to his feet and ass. Killian loves to rub his bald head on things, starting first with the bottom of Cesar’s foot, then moving up to Cesar’s ass before licking and tongue-fucking Cesar’s hole. From the front, we watch Cesar’s cock twitch as Killian stimulates Cesar’s ass.Satisfied that Cesar’s hole is sufficiently lubed up, Killian moves into position and slides his cock deep into Cesar’s ass as Cesar strokes his own dick. Killian throws his head back, then quickly picks up the pace, grabbing Cesar’s shoulders for leverage and slamming his cock balls-deep into Cesar’s tight ass.The pair pause for a kiss before Killian moves to the edge of the bed and lays on his back. Cesar immediately goes to work tonguing Killian’s hole as Killian hoists his legs up in the air. As Cesar is busy lubing up Killian’s hole for his cock, Killian reaches down and collects some of the precum that has collected at the tip of his own dick, bringing it up to his lips for a taste.Cesar stands, applies a generous amount of lube to his cock, then slides it in to Killian’s ass as Killian strokes his dick. We watch from behind as Cesar slams his dick deep inside Killian’s hungry hole, his balls slapping against Killian’s cheeks with a satisfying clap.As Cesar approaches climax, he pulls out and paints Killian’s balls, cheeks, and hole with his load before sliding his cock back into Killian’s ass. Sensing that Killian’s orgasm is fast-approaching, Cesar hoists Killian’s legs skyward as Killian screams with pleasure. Killian pumps out a thick load of his cum that oozes out of his cock and onto his furry belly.Cesar leans in for a kiss as Killian rides the final waves of his climax.