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Bi The End Of The Day – Scene 2 Xxx Video

Bi The End Of The Day – Scene 2 Free Xxx Video

February 26, 2023

Jupiter Jetson and her husband Dillon Diaz had always wanted to fuck their neighbor Jonah Marx. He was an academic who was very educated and well spoken. He also had a tight body and a twinkle in his eye that looked like he would be open to a slightly less than straight experience. So when the news came out he got the Ivy league dream job and was leaving the next morning the couple knew they had only till the end of the day to pull it off. It was the hail mary of desperation attempts so they decided to pull out all the stops and just go for it. Afterall he was leaving tomorrow and could do anything he wanted. Coming over to say goodbye Jonah was greeted with a hot wife who was ready for sex and after assuring the couple he would only proceed if it was straight sex they went for it. But Jonah found himself wondering — just what would it be like to have a man suck his cock. So Jonah allowed that to happen — and it felt good. Soon Jonah was kissing the other man and just like that Jonah had a cock in his mouth. Oh sweetness. This was not so bad. Dillon and Jupiter gave Jonah a going away present he would never forget — a stiff cocking up the ass. Not a bad way to waken your senses before a long trip.