Bi The End Of The Day – Scene 1 Xxx Video

Bi The End Of The Day – Scene 1 Free Xxx Video

April 19, 2023

Aliya Brynn and her husband Joel Someone have been fiending to hook up with the sexy New York businessman Wolf Hudson for a while now. When they had told him they were having a swing party at their house that weekend they were ecstatic he actually came out and stayed with them. The party went great but unfortunately they never really had Wolf alone as there were other swingers about. But today, the last day he is in town they have him for the entire day. His flight is not until ten pm that evening. It is now or never if they are going to turn this straight stud bull of a man bi. Wolf has gotten up feeling quite chipper about the previous nights’ sexcapades so when Joel lets him know that Aliya would like another roll in the sack he figures it’s just another tag team session on another man’s wife’s pussy. Little did he know what he was getting into. Alone with no one else around a man is much more apt to explore his sexuality and be less inhibited. Wolf somehow finds himself allowing his cock to be rubbing along side another man’s cock as the hungry Aliya shoves them both in her mouth. Then rubs them together like two sticks trying to make a fire. Damn does that friction feel good. Soon Wolf finds himself giving in to the wild and horny couple sharing his cock in their mouths. And at what point will Wolf ask himself later did he find Joe’s cock in his mouth? Hmmmm. The genie had been let out of the bottle by this point and somehow in the cluster and sweat of that mid morning romp Wolf found his stiff cock buried balls deep in Joe’s welcoming anal cavity. Damn that man ass felt as sweet as a pussy. What is going on here? Wolf could not ponder as he had given himself into the moment and knew he had a lot of self pondering to do on the long flight home to New York. Am I bi, he wondered. Indeed.