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Bi The End Of The Day – Scene 3

April 20, 2023

When Ricky Larkin’s workout buddy Smash Thompson gets dumped by his girlfriend Ricky offers a trip to Napa with his girlfriend and him to cheery him up. But Ricky and Rose Lynn have other more nefarious and kinky plans as well. They want to turn the straight Smash a little bi for the weekend. Seeing the opportunity they have that day they know it’s now or never. It’s the perfect time. Rose does the classic luring the man into the boudoir trick and soon enough Smash allows Ricky also to suck his cock. Once Pandora’s box is open with just a little more coaxing and some hot pussy around a man will open up sexually. Just like that Smash is sucking cock and getting kinky and wild with the fun loving bisexual couple. It’s not long before Smash feels his asshole being penetrated with Ricky’s huge thick fat cock. Stretched out and feeling good Smash has entered a new realm. And he likes it.