A VERY Unprincipled Family, Scene #01 Xxx Video

A VERY Unprincipled Family, Scene #01 Free Xxx Video

October 4, 2023
Channel: Evil Angel

High school principal Kendra James has asked teacher Reagan Foxx and two students Hazel Moore and Chloe Surreal to meet her after school in a classroom. Reagan, Hazel, and Chloe are perplexed- what could Kendra possibly want from them? But when Kendra arrives, they get their answer. It turns out that Kendra has learned of an ‘open secret’ that EVERYONE at the school has known about except for her. And that secret is that Hazel and Chloe are stepsisters… and not only that- Reagan is their stepmom!

Now, this wouldn’t be a huge problem… if Kendra hadn’t ALSO received multiple accounts of Reagan giving preferential treatment to her two stepdaughters. Reagan is taken aback by this, claiming that she’s done no such thing, but Kendra wasn’t born yesterday. The mountain of evidence is too large to ignore, and frankly, it can’t continue like this. Reagan backpedals a bit, realizing she’s probably way in over her head, and promises to Kendra that she’ll discipline Hazel and Chloe at home.

But Kendra doesn’t WANT Reagan to discipline them at home. How can she trust that she’ll even do it? She hasn’t been able to trust her thus far… No, Reagan will have to discipline her girls RIGHT NOW, right in front of Kendra. That way, Kendra can verify that the girls have indeed been taught a lesson. Well… if that’s what it’s going to take, then alright! The two teens bend over the teacher’s desk, exposing their bottoms. Reagan gives them both a good spanking, which only gets everyone- including Kendra- even more hot and bothered. Maybe Kendra will have to get a bit more ‘hands-on’ with this VERY unprincipled family… by joining them for a foursome!