Lory Lace – Step Family Wife Swap – Step Sister Reunion, Scene #01

October 4, 2023
Channel: Evil Angel

Cory Chase is really happy that her step-sister, Lory Lace, has come to stay with her for the summer! Cory and Lacy start reminiscing about their past where they used to fool around with each other. Cory also tells Lacy that she really wants to do a husband swap soon! Cory starts to get turned on from all this talk, so she leans in and she starts to make out with her step-sister. They both pull their big tits out from under their tops, and then they both pull their panties off. Cory spreads her legs and her step-sister starts to eat her pussy out. After Cory has an orgasm, the two MILF’s switch places and Lory spreads her legs for Cory. Cory slowly licks Lory’s pussy up and down until she has an orgasm in her mouth. Cory has a suggestion for Lory… She wants to go under the bed and pretend to get stuck, and then call their husbands in to come fuck them!