Lory Lace and Cory Chase Go Underwater, Scene #01 Xxx Video

Lory Lace and Cory Chase Go Underwater, Scene #01 Free Xxx Video

October 4, 2023
Channel: Evil Angel

Cory Chase and Lory Lace are both wearing blue bikinis as they lounge in the pool. They both grab weight belts and they wrap them around their waists. Cory starts to teach Lory some breathing exercises to prepare for their underwater adventure. A few minutes later, the MILF’s are ready to go underwater. They both dunk their heads under and they float to the bottom of the pool. They take a breath and then they go back under; They are now sitting cross-legged at the bottom of the pool. Their blonde hair starts to float around both of their faces. They untie their bikini tops and they rub each other’s tits. Cory pulls Lory’s bikini bottoms off, while Cory’s blonde hair is floating all around her. Then, Lory pulls Cory’s bikini bottoms off next. Cory lies down on the bottom of the pool floor wearing nothing but the weight belt wrapped around her waist. Cory throws the two bikini bottoms and they float around in the water. Cory and Lory kiss each other under the water, and then Lory shoves her face in Cory’s ass! Cory puts her face in between Lory’s legs and she starts to eat Lory’s pussy out under the water. Lory leans her head up to take a quick breath, and then she comes right back to eat Cory’s pussy out under the water this time. Cory and Lory sit down next to each other on the bottom of the pool and they each rub their own pussy. The two MILF’s masturbate next to each other under the water. They kiss each other on the lips and then they finally take their weight belts off, so they can swim around freely…