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Family & Sitters, Reunited!, Scene #01 Xxx Video

Family & Sitters, Reunited!, Scene #01 Free Xxx Video

October 4, 2023
Channel: Evil Angel

Siri Dahl surprises her stepdaughter Hazel Moore by reintroducing her to her former babysitters, Aiden Ashley and Victoria Voxxx. Hazel looks flustered. Siri knows that Hazel wants to become a sitter, so she arranged for Aiden and Victoria to come over and give Hazel some babysitting tips. As they all catch up, Hazel remains shy and flustered.

Siri wonders why Hazel is being shy, and realizes that Hazel has crushes on Aiden and Victoria. Hazel is embarrassed, but Siri thinks it’s adorable. Aiden and Victoria are flattered by Hazel’s crush, and admit they had crushes on Siri. In fact, they STILL have crushes on Siri, saying that Siri and Hazel have both aged beautifully.

Aiden and Victoria then suggest an idea… since they’re all adults now, they can have a foursome! Hazel and Siri both look surprised, but Hazel shyly admits to her crushes that it would be a dream come true for her. Siri admits it would also be a dream come true for HER, because Aiden and Victoria are making her feel so beautiful… but Siri is still a bit hesitant because she and Hazel are family. However, Aiden and Victoria manage to convince Siri that a foursome would be giving this reunion the celebration it deserves!