Vivianne DeSilva in Stuck Step Mom, Scene #01 Xxx Video

Vivianne DeSilva in Stuck Step Mom, Scene #01 Free Xxx Video

April 25, 2023

Step Mom Lets Me Touch Her New Boobs-

My step-mom (Vivianne DeSilva) walks into my bedroom, wearing nothing but a silky pink bathrobe. She notices that I’m (Luke Longly) not in the room, so she sits down on the bed and waits for me. When I walk into my bedroom a few moments later, I ask her what she’s doing in my room. She replies by telling me that she needs my help; She got her breast implants put in recently and she needs someone to feel them and make sure that they’re settling in correctly. She pulls her bra down and she tells me that I’m the first person besides her doctor who has seen her new tits! They’re so big and I’m eager to play with them. I squeeze her tits and I ask her if she needs me to do anything else. She notices that I have a growing bulge in my pants, and she wants to help me with my boner. She pulls my hard cock out from under my pants and she starts to give me a blowjob. She reminds me that no one else is home and it can be our little secret! She lies down on the bed and I start to fuck her pussy in the doggystyle position. She wants me to fuck her ass next, so I slowly start to fuck her tight ass hole in the doggy style position followed by missionary. After I cum inside of her ass hole, I remind her that she can’t tell my dad about this!

Stuck in the Bed-

My step-mom walks into my bedroom and she notices that I didn’t make the bed this morning. She decides to be a nice step-mom and she wants to help me by making my bed. She leans forward into the ladder that connects my bed to my bunk bed. Her new tits are so big that she gets stuck in the ladder! She calls out my name and I come running to her rescue! I suggest that maybe taking off her dress could help her break free. I pull her purple dress up but it doesn’t seem to be helping. I shove my cock in her tight ass and I try to fuck her to get her unstuck! It doesn’t take long for me to fuck her out of the ladder! Once she’s free, she gets down on her knees and she starts to suck my cock. She lies down on the bed and I decide to fuck her ass once more! I fuck her ass in doggystyle and missionary and I love hearing my step-mom moan! Her ass bounces up and down on my cock and it looks so good. I jerk my cock off into my step-mom’s mouth and she swallows all my cum!

Double Stuck-

My step-mom and my step Aunt are searching the guest bedroom because my step Aunt Cory Chase lost her watch! Cory thinks that she sees it under the bed, so the two MILF’s stick their arms and torso under the bed. They both have huge tits that get them stuck under the bed as well! I pull both of their shorts off while I’m trying to get them out. I get my step-mom out first, but my step Aunt Cory is still stuck under the bed, with her bare ass up in the air. I start to fuck Cory’s ass to try and get her unstuck. I finally get Cory unstuck and she is so happy! The three of us walk into the living room to continue what we were doing. Cory lies down on the couch and I start to fuck her ass in the missionary position. My step-mom lies down next to my step Aunt and I fuck both of their asses back and forth. They both flip over into the doggy style position and I fuck their asses back and forth in doggy now. I want to fuck my aunt’s ass and pussy, back and forth, in no particular order, so that’s exactly what I do! When I get close to cumming, I have my step-mom and step Aunt get down on their knees with their mouths open and their eyes wide, as they eagerly wait for me to cum in their mouths. I explode all over both of their faces, and I soak them with my cum!