MUSES: Khloe Kay Xxx Video

MUSES: Khloe Kay Free Xxx Video

March 18, 2023

As a way to honor those who we feel have stood out as ambassadors of our brand, we are launching an exclusive series on Transfixed called MUSES where each month we unveil a new MUSE and a luxury scene we’ve developed together. We are proud to announce that Khloe Kay is our June 2022 MUSE.

‘I’ve been a part of the Transfixed franchise since the beginning, so when Bree came to me with this idea it was so special to me. I’m extremely honored to have been chosen as the first-ever Muse! I was given full creative control, and knew I just had to have Jane Wilde as my partner. I wanted my scene to be very hyper-lesbian and full of passion, and our onscreen chemistry portrayed just that! I really cannot wait for everyone to see my pink fantasy brought to life; this scene has such a special place in my heart.’ – Khloe Kay