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MUSES: Reunion Show Xxx Video

MUSES: Reunion Show Free Xxx Video

March 25, 2023

To help celebrate one year of the MUSES project, here is a special reunion talk show! Bree Mills, Adult Time’s Chief Creative Officer and showrunner for Transfixed, sits down for a candid conversation with our first three muses: Khloe Kay, Jade Venus, and Emma Rose. These three stars are as inspirational as they are beautiful, so it’s the perfect time to get to know more about them… to understand the muses behind MUSES, if you will.

Khloe, Jade, and Emma start off by talking about their personal journeys: when they came out as transgender, what challenges they faced, which people in their lives were supportive and which ones weren’t, and so on. They also clear up common misconceptions about being transgender. Not only are these ladies proud and empowered trans women, they’re entertaining and a joy to listen to, so this informative discussion is both helpful and delightful!

Bree and the stars then talk a bit about some of their work in the adult industry, including their history with Transfixed. It’s truly incredible how much Transfixed has grown! Khloe, Jade, and Emma also express their appreciation for the MUSES project, saying how much they loved the opportunity to bring their dream scenes to life. They talk about the inspiration behind their scenes, and how they chose their scene partners.

Speaking of scene partners, a surprise special guest joins the discussion… Siri Dahl, an Adult Time ambassador who is also their co-star for the new MUSES group scene! Siri talks about her first experience with Transfixed, and then everyone chats about how excited they are to be in a MUSES group scene together. Lastly, the beautiful stars share where they can be found on social media, and then open up boxes to reveal their gorgeous lingerie for the group scene! Enjoy!