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Worldly Advice, Scene #01

March 29, 2023

Seth Gamble meets his friend, Nicole Aria, at a cafe to catch up. Nicole talks a bit about the wonderful things she saw and experienced during her trip abroad, then asks Seth how he’s doing. Seth admits that he’s worried about his massage parlor not getting enough business, so she asks him about the services offered. After Seth lists the kind of massages his parlor does, she points out that those massages are kind of bland because they’re the same ones offered everywhere else. Seth realizes that he needs to try something new.

Nicole suggests offering NURU massages, because she tried those during her travels and they felt amazing. After she explains what a NURU massage is, Seth is uncertain. Nicole says that she can give Seth a NURU massage to show him what it’s about, and they agree to meet another day at Nicole’s house.

A week later, Seth is at Nicole’s home, where she has a NURU mattress set up in the living room. Seth is a bit flustered to see Nicole in a robe, and gets even more flustered when she reminds him that they both have to be naked – they don’t want to get the NURU gel all over their clothes.

Once they’re both naked, Seth lies down on his stomach on the mattress, and Nicole sensually slides her body along his. The massage feels so good that Seth begins to understand how this could make his parlor more popular. There are also hints of growing attraction between Seth and Nicole, and when he turns over so that she can massage his front, even more sparks seem to fly. Nicole playfully says that he still seems tense, and that she can give him some extra treatment to help him feel really good…