While The Nurse Is Away…, Scene #01 Xxx Video

While The Nurse Is Away…, Scene #01 Free Xxx Video

April 22, 2023

Hazel Moore is about to leave the classroom when she notices that her girlfriend, Kimmy Kimm, appears to be stalling. Hazel asks her what’s wrong, and Kimmy shares that she’s nervous about their next class. They’re supposed to be dissecting frogs, and Kimmy is worried that she won’t be able to go through with it. She absolutely hates the idea of these poor animals suffering- it makes her sick to her stomach, literally! Hazel promises to be there for her, and together, they leave the classroom.

A little later, Hazel guides Kimmy down the hall toward the nurse’s office. It turns out that Kimmy started feeling sick during- you guessed it- science class and needs to see the school nurse. When they enter the nurse’s office, however, they find that she is out to lunch. As they wait, Hazel does her best to comfort Kimmy. She strokes her hair, offers her soothing words, and even cuddles with her on the exam room bed. Kimmy is so happy to have such a loving and supporting girlfriend as Hazel.

Hazel starts giving Kimmy a backrub, intent on making her feel as relaxed as possible. As she does, her hands move lower, grazing Kimmy’s thigh and ass. Kimmy tilts her head to the side, giving Hazel a kiss. Whatever feelings of anxiety have vanished from Kimmy as she locks eyes with Hazel and giggles with arousal. Since they have a full hour before the nurse gets back… maybe Hazel could make Kimmy feel EVEN better with a few tricks you DON’T learn in science class. Kimmy agrees, and they have passionate, playful sex while the nurse is away.