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We Like Girls – Charlotte & Aiden, Scene #01 Xxx Video

We Like Girls – Charlotte & Aiden, Scene #01 Free Xxx Video

January 25, 2023

This past year, I got the opportunity to direct two amazing women for the first time: Charlotte Sins and Aiden Ashley. They were for separate projects, but I was really impressed by each of them… and for similar reasons: they were both kick-ass, professional, good actors, great sex performers, and very genuinely like other women.

When I was on set with Charlotte, I heard her telling a co-star about how much she craved authentic lesbian sex scenes and, naturally, that piqued my curiosity. So I told her about WLG and asked who she would want to pair with if she had the chance. In the end, I received an email proposal about Aiden Ashley and, while I could paraphrase it, it’s better to just read it in full:

‘Before I had fully entered the industry I was sporadically camming but started to take notice of certain performers via twitter. I don’t remember what scene I first noticed Aiden but she certainly left an impression. She was cute but dominant and clearly attracted to women which is (as you know) difficult to find in GG scenes. So often GG performers over-act but severely lack any passion. With Aiden it’s all passion, all of her energy is directed at her partner.

Once I joined the industry, it seemed anytime I heard Aiden’s name it was accompanied by how she was a bad-ass, take no shit bitch who loved women! Time and time again I’ve heard from directors and performers alike that she is an amazing performer and fascinating woman. I could go on about how absolutely sexy I find her, her feminine exterior and dominant presence on camera is enough to make me melt. Personally, it takes a lot more than looks to intrigue me. I hardly know anything about Aiden beyond what I’ve seen on screen and this mystique definitely plays a role in why I find her so intimidatingly sexy. But I’m excited and eager to find out for myself what turns her on, what makes her moan and most importantly what makes her cum!’

The We Like Girls project is back everyone… and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a good one!

– Bree Mills