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Tony Salas: Solo Xxx Video

Tony Salas: Solo Free Xxx Video

April 22, 2023

Tony Salas is a thick-bearded, 31-year-old, salt-and-pepper ‘fuck boi’ with beautiful steel blue eyes. He identifies as bisexual but is leaning more towards the gay side as of late. He has a thing for latino men, but that’s not exclusive.

Tony likes public sex. He’d like to join the ‘mile high club’ when he gets a chance.

Tony delivers the rest of his candid interview before standing next to the bed and removing his clothes completely. He showcases his body, then returns to the bed with some lube.

Tony slicks up his dick, then begins stroking. Tony adds more lube to his fingers, then begins to explore his ass. We can tell he really enjoys ass-play, as he continues to probe his hole for the majority of the scene.

Tony rises to his knees and strokes as he rubs his body, peering at us through the camera. He turns around and leans forward, putting his ass on full-display as he inserts one, then two, then three fingers.

Tony lays back against the headrest and begins to stroke more quickly, alternating his grip as he works himself towards climax. He declares that he’s going to cum, then fires off ropes that fly in all directions, landing on the bedspread, his thigh, his chest, and outer space.Stay tuned for more from Tony!