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Tommy Taylor: Solo, Scene #01 Xxx Video

Tommy Taylor: Solo, Scene #01 Free Xxx Video

February 24, 2023

We find Tommy Taylor relaxing, legs spread, on the bed as he delivers his candid interview. Tommy reveals that he was a wrestler in high school, that he loves Latino men, and that some of his biggest turn-ons are when a guy blows in his ear, and guys who are good at eye contact.

Tommy is a fun and flirtatious gay guy who was married for a few years, but when he and his husband parted ways, he decided he’d spend a few years enjoying the single life. So now he’s here to share with you the goods!

Tommy stands to the side of the bed and showcases his tattoos before climbing back on to the bed, peeling away his briefs, grabbing some lube, and getting to work. It’s not long before his impressive cock is rock-hard. Tommy has a nice set of low-hanging, dancing balls that lift and settle as he strokes his dick.

Tommy has an infectious smile that he loves to flash as the camera as he strokes for you. He playfully slaps his cock against his belly, then rises to his knees. He leans forward and spits down on to his cock, slicking it up some more before turning around to show the camera his ass.

Placing his head down on the bed, Tommy reaches behind and fingers his hole as he jerks his dick. Tommy playfully spanks his ass a few times for the camera, then turns over onto his back to work himself up to climax.

With a tight grip around his cock, Tommy shoots a thick load that makes it all the way up to his pecks. Tommy collects some of his cum with his fingers and tastes it, exclaiming that it ‘tastes salty!’ He waves a cum-and-lube-soaked hand at the camera.

We look forward to seeing Tommy again soon!