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Textbook Narcissism Xxx Video

Textbook Narcissism Free Xxx Video

April 25, 2023

A young woman, Jessica (Scarlett Mae), enters Dr. Crawford (Marie McCray)’s office, meeting the therapist for the first time. They have a therapy session, with Jessica revealing that she’s there to get help for her alleged superiority complex. She’s not ashamed of who she is but she IS starting to accidentally burn bridges. But as Dr. Crawford listens, it becomes clear that she plans to nurture Jessica’s superiority complex for her own personal gain…

Four sessions later, Dr. Crawford insists that they’ve made lots of progress but that today will be a huge step in Jessica’s treatment. She asks if Jessica’s ready for the next steps and Jessica curiously agrees.

Dr. Crawford shows her true colors, admitting that SHE has a superiority complex, too, but that she embraces it. Jessica is stunned but intrigued, asking why Dr. Crawford is telling her all this. That’s when Dr. Crawford starts coming onto Jessica, telling her that she sees a lot of herself in Jessica. Jessica can have EVERYTHING she’s ever wanted if she puts aside her worries about petty relationships. Who cares if a few bridges are burned?

Dr. Crawford then gives Jessica clothes that match hers, as a gift, which Jessica accepts. Dr. Crawford helps Jessica get dressed, the sexual tension building as clothes fall away, revealing skin. Dr. Crawford also gives Jessica glasses and encourages her to put her hair up, the sexual tension mounting. As they stand in front of a mirror, it’s revealed that Jessica looks almost EXACTLY like Dr. Crawford.

And that’s when Dr. Crawford reveals that she’s been grooming Jessica all along… because the only ones they need are THEMSELVES.