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Take Care of Yourself Xxx Video

Take Care of Yourself Free Xxx Video

October 4, 2023
Channel: Evil Angel

Amy (Jazmin Luv) pulls up to an upscale estate. She’s a bit stressed out since she’s late for an orientation for a prospective job as a live-in caretaker. Amy hasn’t exactly had it easy of late, having struggled to find employment and even provide a decent place to live for her and her offspring. But today, she’s certain that everything is about to change. She’s closer than she’s ever been to landing a decent job, and she won’t let this one slip through her fingers.

Amy is welcomed into the home by Mrs. and Mr. Dent (Spencer Scott and Seth Gamble). Mrs. Dent is bubbly and welcoming though, strangely, Mr. Dent appears to be rather quiet and brooding. He even eyes Amy strangely, though Amy shrugs it off as best as she can. They give Amy a tour of the home, including the rooms where she and hers would be staying. Amy is floored by the luxury of the place, as well as the prospect of finally being able to provide a safe haven for her own family.

The Dents then bring Amy to the couch, where they prepare to go over the finer details of the arrangement. But Amy is perplexed- where IS the patient that she is supposed to be caring for? Mrs. Dent smiles, and then motions to Mr. Dent, who has shockingly taken his cock out and is stroking it. It turns out that Amy has already MET the person she’ll be caring for, and this particular person has very special needs…

It’s all up to Amy. Will she accept the terms and service Mr. Dent’s every fancy, sexual or otherwise? Or will she go back to the life of despair and struggle that she’s been desperately trying to claw her way out from?