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Swapped For A Younger Lover #01 – Luna Mills & Clarke Kent Xxx Video

Swapped For A Younger Lover #01 – Luna Mills & Clarke Kent Free Xxx Video

March 11, 2023

Clarke Kent and his wife Lauren Phillips are checking out a large house that Clarke plans to turn into a swingers’ club. They are accompanied by a younger couple: Clarke’s assistant Juan Loco, and Juan’s wife Luna Mills.

Both wives are a bit skeptical of the idea, but Clarke and Juan enthusiastically try to convince the women that swingers’ parties are hot. Imagine having sex with a married stranger, in front of a bunch of other strangers! Isn’t that wild?

Clarke gets onto a mattress with Luna, to help her imagine what such a party would be like. Wouldn’t it be hot if she had sex with a married man, while her husband and other people watched? Clarke then gets a bit frisky with Luna, causing her to laugh. He compliments her breasts, and she realizes that his dick is hard.

Luna is surprised… are they really going to have sex, right here and now? Clarke confesses that he and Juan were indeed hoping to do a little wife swap today. It would be nice practice for a swingers’ party, right? Luna is receptive to the idea, deciding it’s worth a try. They kiss, and Clarke pulls up Luna’s skirt so she can ride his cock. Then they get undressed for even MORE fun… how’s that for some great practice?