February 6, 2022

Well you have asked and asked to see me totally naked getting ready to go out, well here it is I am totally starkers now watch as I have a play and a tease first, then slowly put on my suspender belt, followed by my stockings, then my shoes before it is time to put on my matching set of lingerie, first my panties, followed by my bra which as to hold those big natural tits, I cannot believe they are a 34 GG big girl’s tits.Now it is time to put on the skirt and the blouse, and that it I am ready to go to today’s meeting, but only you will know what I am wearing underneath, and what I look like without those cloths on.I get stripped by guys eyes nearly everyday so its wonderful that you get to see what they want to see.Enjoy and have fun with me, they can only dream you can have it for real.LoveMichelle xxxx