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Shared Hobbies, Scene #01 Xxx Video

Shared Hobbies, Scene #01 Free Xxx Video

March 20, 2023

Lindsay (Eliza Eves) rings the doorbell of a home, where she is greeted by Sal Baxter (Colby Jansen), Lindsay’s neighbor. They have never met before and Sal, while seemingly normal, is somewhat of a recluse. But this doesn’t worry Lindsay as she cheerfully announces that she’s there to get pledges for an upcoming charity event.

That’s when Ed Hoskins (Joel Someone), another man who lives with Sal, comes to the door and introduces himself to Lindsay. He is much more approachable and smooth as he invites Lindsay in to talk about her charity. Lindsay agrees and cheerfully steps inside, though when her back is turned, there are hints that Sal and Ed are hiding something dark…

Ed and Sal lead Lindsay deeper into the house towards a dim room. There are more and more hints that Sal and Ed’s intentions for Lindsay are less than pure. While Lindsay is a bit nervous, she’s also intrigued by the change of atmosphere. There is something electric about the air that’s undeniable.

As she tries to focus and talk about her charity, Ed and Sal sit on either side of her, keeping close. As they chat, she questions if the men are husbands, but they cryptically insist that they are just two men with similar interests… And right now, they are both interested in HER.

While Lindsay is initially surprised and hesitant, there’s something about having the attention of not one but TWO older men that awakens something deep inside her…