Returned, Scene #01 Xxx Video

Returned, Scene #01 Free Xxx Video

March 24, 2023

Susan (Reagan Foxx) gets a surprise visit from an unfamiliar young man who introduces himself as John (Joshua Lewis), and acts as if he knows her. But that doesn’t make any sense to Susan, because the only John she knows is her husband, who died over 18 years ago. However, the young man says he IS that John, and that he has been reincarnated. Susan becomes upset, thinking this is a cruel prank, but John reveals private details that he couldn’t know if he were just some random stranger.

Susan starts to doubt her own skepticism, especially as the man claiming to be John apologizes for how his life ended before. He explains that he had PTSD and was secretly getting help with it, but eventually things just became too much. Susan is shocked. John apologizes to her for the pain he’s put her through, and says that he wants to make the most of this second chance by remarrying her. Susan is conflicted, so John gives her his phone number and then leaves.

Days later, Susan is talking on the phone with her younger sibling, Evelyn, who is pleading with Susan to get away from this man who says he’s John. Evelyn and the rest of Susan’s family believe this man is just a lying gold digger, but Susan is still conflicted because he knows so many things that only John could know. Susan ends the call with Evelyn, and decides to call the number that John left with her.

Later that day, John arrives, and Susan tells him that she’s overwhelmed and that her family doesn’t approve of what’s going on. John is apologetic and decides to leave, but Susan can’t stand the thought that maybe a second chance with her husband is actually slipping away from her. She begs him to stay, insisting that the only way she’ll know he’s indeed her late husband is if they become intimate… there were certain things she liked that ONLY John would know about.