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Relationship Mind Games, Scene #01 Xxx Video

Relationship Mind Games, Scene #01 Free Xxx Video

April 23, 2023

Is something bothering you Juliette Mint? Is it about a boy?

I kinda feel funny talking about this kind of stuff with you.

Look… let me first apologize for the entire male race because sometimes we’re hard headed. I (Peter Fitzwell) know I’m just your stepdad, but trust me… I can help. Do this… if you make yourself unavailable, he will stop ignoring you… and he’ll start making the effort.

Ok thanks for the advice.

Is something wrong again… did my advice not work?

Not only is he still ignoring me, but now he is posting pics of him and other girls and tagging me so I see them. Why is he doing this? I wish I could get back at him and do the same thing.

I’m sorry hunny that my original advice didn’t pan out… I wish I could be of more help to you.

I know of a way you can help me…

Sweetie – we can’t do that.

Come on, we won’t show your face no one will ever know its you.

Watch as my innocent cute 19 yr old blonde stepdaughter, Juliette Mint, talks me into taking inappropriate sexting pics with her to make her BF jealous. I (Peter Fitzwell) tried my best to reject her advances, but once she slid the strap of her sundress down and exposed her teen all natural little perky titties, my better judgement went out the window along with her wet panties. Now I just need to delete the evidence and hope my wife NEVER finds out that I fucked her daughter…