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Put On Some Clothes!, Scene #01 Xxx Video

Put On Some Clothes!, Scene #01 Free Xxx Video

March 24, 2023

Serene Siren is on the phone complaining to a friend about her stepdaughter, Brooklyn Gray, being a nudist. Apparently, Brooklyn is constantly naked, walking around the house and sitting all over the furniture without a second thought. As Serene talks, she is interrupted by none other than Brooklyn herself, who casually walks into the living room naked. Totally put-off, Serene runs off to another room.

A few days later, Serene has invited her friend Sheena Ryder over, and they are catching up in the living room. Of course, Brooklyn interrupts their conversation by striding into the room in the nude. She proceeds to do some yoga directly in front of the two ladies. At first, they try to ignore her, but when Brooklyn enters a particularly ‘revealing’ pose, Sheena begins to freak out.

In a desperate effort to salvage the situation, Serene takes off her own top, claiming that being nude is a common occurrence at their home. This totally backfires and leads to Sheena leaving the home in disgust. Serene turns her attention to Brooklyn and berates her for ruining yet another moment with a guest. Brooklyn, on the other hand, is overjoyed to see her stepmom joining her in her nudism.

Serene does admit that it feels quite freeing to be in the nude, and with much encouragement from Brooklyn, agrees to join her in a masturbation session. Soon enough, they are both totally turned on, and join each other from some playful lesbian sex.

Next time someone says ‘put on some clothes’ – just think what can be accomplished without them!