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Pretty Dirty Girls – Olive Glass & Paige Owens Xxx Video

Pretty Dirty Girls – Olive Glass & Paige Owens Free Xxx Video

March 10, 2023

Paige Owens is a gorgeous model in lingerie. Her photographer, Olive Glass, guides her through various sexy poses, then helps Paige to pull down one of her bra straps to look even sexier. After that, Paige decides to take her bra off to try doing even hotter photos, and Olive promises the photos will look good.

As the photo session continues, Paige suggests removing her panties so she can pose nude, and Olive likes the suggestion very much. Paige does some sexy naked posing, but then both women agree that Paige would look even better if her pussy appears wet. Olive licks Paige’s pussy so it will look picture perfect, but then photography becomes the last thing on their minds! Olive gets undressed, and the two women enjoy the taste of each other’s lips and pussies. Then things get really interesting when Olive takes out a strap-on…