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Open Hearts, Scene #01 Xxx Video

Open Hearts, Scene #01 Free Xxx Video

October 4, 2023
Channel: Evil Angel

Bella Rolland is about to leave her girlfriend, Mocha Menage, for a long humanitarian trip. Bella doesn’t want Mocha to be alone during this time and has permitted Mocha to see other women while she’s away, though Mocha is hesitant about it. But Mocha promises to give it a try if the loneliness is too much.

One year later, Bella returns from her trip. It’s revealed through her past texts with Mocha that Mocha has eventually started seeing someone else while Bella was away. Although Mocha just did exactly what Bella wanted, Bella’s a little nervous now. What if she’s going to be replaced after all this time…?

But when Mocha excitedly welcomes her home, it’s clear that they still very much love each other. However, there’s still some awkwardness when they start talking about Ember Snow, the woman who Mocha met and formed a bond with while Bella was away. While Bella expresses her concern about being replaced, Mocha confidently assures her that that ISN’T the case. In fact, Mocha thinks Bella will come to like Ember as much as she does, which is why she hopes that Bella will be open to considering having a throuple-lifestyle relationship. Although Bella isn’t sure about it yet, she agrees to at least meet Ember.

A few hours later, Mocha introduces Bella to Ember. Gradually, Bella grows more comfortable with Ember the more they interact — it’s easy to see why Mocha fell for her!

Eventually, Bella opens up to Ember about her insecurities, to which Ember sincerely assures her she has nothing to worry about. As they continue having a heart-to-heart, Bella finally agrees to give Ember a shot and get to know her better…