OnlyTrans #02 – Eva Maxim & Lena Moon Xxx Video

OnlyTrans #02 – Eva Maxim & Lena Moon Free Xxx Video

April 27, 2023

Eva Maxim is lounging by the swimming pool in her bikini. Suddenly, the silence is broken by her girlfriend, Lena Moon, arriving on a red motorcycle. Lena cheerfully greets Eva, but Eva frets that one of these days Lena is going to get into an accident if she keeps zooming around on a motorcycle.

Lena insists that she’s a lot more careful these days – she doesn’t do stunts or jumps with the bike anymore, and she also quit racing. However, Eva is still worried and upset, saying that even driving normally on a motorcycle seems awfully fast, and she wouldn’t know what to do if something happened to Lena. Unable to relax anymore, Eva gets up and storms inside.

Wanting to patch things up with her girlfriend, Lena changes from her biker gear to hot pink lingerie, then approaches Eva and does a sultry pose. Eva cheers up a bit at the sexy peace offering, and admits that she worries about Lena because she knows she’ll never find someone else like her. Lena is touched, but still loves being on the road, so she offers a compromise: she’ll get a car instead. Eva is moved (and turned on) that Lena is willing to compromise, and both women agree that now’s the time for the best part of an argument… the make up sex!