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Menage A Trans #09 – Izzy Wilde, Gia DiBella & Roman Todd Xxx Video

Menage A Trans #09 – Izzy Wilde, Gia DiBella & Roman Todd Free Xxx Video

October 4, 2023
Channel: Evil Angel

Izzy Wilde and Roman Todd cuddle in the bed together, the bedside lamp dimly illuminating their naked bodies as they hold each other close. They’re having a deep conversation, where it’s revealed that they’ve been considering experimenting with a threesome. But this wouldn’t be just ANY threesome, this would be a threesome with Roman’s ex-girlfriend, Gia DiBella.

Roman is all for it, but he wants to make sure that Izzy is cool with it as well. Wouldn’t she feel awkward with sharing her bed, and her man, with Gia? But Izzy confidently states that she’s perfectly fine with it. As long as Roman remains committed to their relationship, and allows Izzy to fully share in the experience, then she’s sure that they’ll have nothing to worry about.

The next day, Gia arrives at their home and they warmly greet her. They’re supposed to go to dinner first, but it’s clear that the ONLY thing they’re thinking about is DESSERT. They decide to skip their dinner reservation and get right down to it, having a steamy threesome together that they’re bound to never forget.