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Luka Phoenix: Solo, Scene #01

April 13, 2023

We find Luka Phoenix relaxing comfortably on the bed as he delivers his candid interview. This young, handsome, and friendly fella has a deliciously-toned body, and you’ll soon discover that he also has a HUGE 9-inch dick. In fact, while editing this video, I discovered that it’s fatter than his wrist.He reveals that he first realized he had a massive dick when he was in class and got one of those notorious ‘I’m suddenly hard for no reason’ boners. Apparently it caused quite the commotion, and he ended up being labeled by his peers as the guy with the big dick. I suppose there are worse labels!Luka stands to the side of the bed, peels away his shorts, putting his cock on full-display for you, and even though it’s soft, it’s already impressive. He spins around to show you his bubble butt, then returns to the bed to get to work.Luka begins to stroke his cock, which awakens quickly, rising to it’s full 9-inches. As he gets up on his knees, we really get a good look at his package. Luka releases his grip and allows his dick to flop downwards, then he begins to flex his pelvic muscles, causing his cock to bounce up and down entirely on its own. As he playfully slaps his cock against his palm and stomach, this editor can’t help but worry that he might leave a bruise!Luka gets on all-fours and showcases his ass for the camera. Thrusting to and fro, Luka alternates between playing with his hole and stroking his cock downwards/backwards. Luka flips over on to his back and gets comfortable for his cumshot. Stroking with one hand and applying pressure to the dorsal side of his cock with the other, Luka cums his load as globs of cum land on his stomach and forearm. He reaches down and collects some with his fingers, bringing it to his mouth for a taste, then flashes his adorable smile at the camera.