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Lesbian Sex Before Marriage, Scene #01 Xxx Video

Lesbian Sex Before Marriage, Scene #01 Free Xxx Video

March 8, 2023

Hazel Paige, a bride-to-be, is brought into a massage parlor by her friend. As they meet with Alexia Anders, who is the masseuse for the day, the friend slyly tells Alexia that she wants Hazel to have an EXTRA special session that day to take ALL the stress off. Alexia catches her drift immediately and soon encourages Hazel, who is blissfully unaware, to strip down.

After the friend takes her leave, Alexia gets to work massaging Hazel from head to toe. Hazel is beyond relaxed as she melts into the massage table. Once Alexia starts rubbing oil all over Hazel’s body, things get a bit steamy as Alexia’s touches start to become all the more sensual.

Hazel becomes startled and flustered, pulling back. Alexia instantly becomes apologetic, though Hazel quickly insists that it felt good — it’s just that she’s never been touched that way by a woman before. That’s when Hazel decides that now’s the best time to get in a new experience before the wedding ring goes on!