Last Hurrah, Scene #01 Xxx Video

Last Hurrah, Scene #01 Free Xxx Video

April 27, 2023

Kira Noir, a bride-to-be, is led into a massage parlor by two members of her bridal party, Bella Rolland and Ava Sinclair. They’re in the middle of Kira’s bachelorette party and the bridesmaids thought what better a gift to get for Kira than a massage! Lucky for them, Jewelz Blu (the masseuse) has a spot open and can easily fit Kira into her schedule. Jewelz insists, however, that Bella and Ava must leave the parlor to give Kira privacy during her massage.

Jewelz leads Kira to the massage room, suggesting she get undressed and lie on the table. As Kira strips down, they make small talk, where it is revealed that although Kira is excited to be marrying her husband-to-be, there are certain things she wishes she’d experienced before tying the knot. She used to be so adventurous but it’s probably time to just accept that some of those things may never happen after all.

Jewelz begins massaging Kira, and they continue chatting about Kira’s feelings regarding her marriage. As Jewelz hands work their way down Kira’s back, and then down to her ass, Kira expresses how she wishes that she’d had a lesbian experience before getting married. Jewelz is surprised that such a beautiful woman like Kira would never have experienced this. When Kira expresses that she would have rather done something much more adventurous for her bachelorette party, Jewelz offers to give her some ‘special treatment’. They have sensual and erotic lesbian sex, making this a ‘last hurrah’ that Kira will never forget.