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Killian Knox: Solo, Scene #01 Xxx Video

Killian Knox: Solo, Scene #01 Free Xxx Video

April 22, 2023

We find Killian Knox reclined on the bed, one leg out-stretched so you can get a clear view of his right foot. Later in Killian’s interview, he reveals that he REALLY loves feet. In some cases, all he needs to do is look at pictures of feet and it’s enough for him to get off.

This 48-year-old daddy looks a bit younger than his age. I’d say maybe early 40s? He’s clearly in good shape and reveals that he was quite thin until he started dedicating himself to his health and fitness in his 30s.

Killian stands and showcases his arms for you before turning around to show you his muscular ass. He climbs back onto the bed and pulls his shorts to the side, teasing you with a quick glimpse of his cock before he strips away his short entirely.

Knowing that Killian has a thing for feet, and that so many of you in our audience love feet as well, I, your dedicated editor, made sure to include as much FOOTage (see what I did there) as possible. *I’ll see myself out*

Killian’s feet are on full-display as he begins stroking his cock. We watch as his toes curl, a sure sign that he’s really enjoying himself.

It’s hot here at ChaosStudios, so you’ll have for forgive Killian for getting a little sweaty. As he rises to his knees, we begin to see beads of sweat glistening on his pecks. Killian’s chest blooms a brighter red as he strokes his dick.

Killian turns around to showcase his ass for you. It’s not long before a stream of sweat is running down his back as Killian reaches back to play with his hole.

Killian lays once more on his back, working himself to an explosively-loud climax as he shoots his cum across his stomach. He collects a thick glob of cum and brings it to his mouth for a taste.