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Kenzie Love in Free Use Mutli-Milfverse Vol 7: The New Nikki Part 1-4, Scene #01 Xxx Video

Kenzie Love in Free Use Mutli-Milfverse Vol 7: The New Nikki Part 1-4, Scene #01 Free Xxx Video

January 21, 2023

Mansions Money and Sex

Kenzie Love is sitting on the couch scrolling through her social media. She notices that other girls are on boats in the middle of the Mediterranean, while she is stuck at home! All of a sudden, a portal opens up in the middle of our living room and Cory Chase walks out! Cory introduces herself as Kenzie’s step-sister in this universe. Cory is wearing a mint green bra with matching panties, as she walks towards Kenzie. Kenzie is horny and it doesn’t take long before Cory’s nipple is in Kenzie’s mouth! Kenzie is so tired of her boring life, that she is excited to do something fun for a change! Cory pulls her panties down before she sits down on the couch and she spreads her legs for her step-sister. Kenzie licks Cory’s pussy until she cums all over her step-sister’s face!

Breaking the Ice-

Cory and Kenzie walk through the portal and end up in the living room of their mansion. As long as Kenzie stays in this universe, she will have this mansion as her home! Cory starts to walk her around and give her a tour of her mansion! I (Luke Longly) walk into the same bedroom that the two MILF’s are in, and I can instantly feel my cock start to get hard! Cory helps her step-sister undress out of her green lingerie, and my cock is even harder now! Cory leaves the room, so my step-mom and I can have some fun alone! Kenzie is so horny as she bends over in the doggystyle position in front of me. She flips over into the missionary position and I start to fuck her pussy. Her moans get loud pretty quickly, as she tells me that she hasn’t been fucked in so long!

Fresh Coffee-

My step-mom, Kenzie, is lying in bed as she sips her coffee. I walk into the bedroom just as she finishes her last drop of coffee. I walk over towards the bed and I start to feel her big, natural tits! I slap my cock against her clit before she starts to ride my cock in the cowgirl position. I keep fucking her pussy harder and harder with every thrust! When I am ready to cum, I explode deep inside of her pussy and then I run off to take a quick shower…

Multi Nikki’s

Melanie Hicks is standing near the windows, watching the storm pull in. Kenzie walks into the room and asks Melanie who she is. ‘I’m Bikini Nikki!’ she exclaims. Kenzie introduces herself as ‘New Nikki.’ There sure are a lot of Nikki’s! They were going to tan outside, but now that the storm is here, they cannot go outside anymore. Bikini Nikki starts to take off New Nikki’s light blue bikini, so her pussy will be ready for me to fuck her! I walk over to the two Nikki’s and I start to fuck New Nikki while she licks Bikini Nikki’s nipples. New Nikki flips over into the doggystyle position and I start to fuck her pussy from behind. She moans that she is cumming on my cock, while I fuck her! When I am ready to cum, I ask the two MILF’s to get down on their knees in front of me. I jerk my cock off into New Nikki’s mouth and on her face!