How Can You Take Your Confidence to the Next Level When Trying to Fuck For Free? Xxx Video

How Can You Take Your Confidence to the Next Level When Trying to Fuck For Free? Free Xxx Video

December 8, 2020
Channel: Team Skeet

Meet and fuck sites play with guys’ heads all the time. You’ve seen these ads that make you ask yourself “where can I find a fuck near me”? You’ve seen how they make getting pussy seem so easy and free.

While it’s true that a lot of these websites are free, believe me, they are not free in absolute terms. Sure, there are no greenbacks leaving your wallet. Sure, you are not whipping out your plastic to fill out an online form to pay for stuff, but you’re still paying. In fact, I would argue that you are paying in a more expensive way. You’re paying in terms of your time and mental focus.

You see, if you invest your time and mental focus on certain activities in life, not only can you be a billionaire, not only can you have a great body, not only can you live longer or be smarter, but you can fuck a lot more women. That’s how powerful time and focus are.

But the problem is, these websites suck up a lot of time and focus, and they try to convert it later on into cash. So it’s hard to maintain your level of confidence when you are met with failure after failure at such websites because a lot of them basically have you jumping through so many hoops like a fucking monkey.

So how do you make heads or tails of this situation? How do you succeed? Well, you have to focus on a self-sustaining type of confidence. And this is very difficult because a lot of guys would like to define success primarily in terms of fucking. Either you’re fucking or you’re not.

It’s kind of like asking the classic question, are you pregnant or you’re not? This black and white thinking, however, only succeeds in undermining your confidence. It only succeeds in making you feel crappy and, ultimately, it becomes very tempting to define yourself around your failures.

So stop doing that shit and focus instead on deriving confidence from the fact that you show up day after day, you mix things up, you try experiments, and you get little bits and pieces of favourable responses.

Instead of thinking that these are not enough, or these don’t mean anything, celebrate them and amplify them the next day. Build on them and, eventually, you will get to where you need to go. But your real goal is not so much getting your dick into some tight pussy or ass. It’s bigger than that. It’s all about building your confidence. So focus on that and you will be fine and you will fuck tonight with the help of