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Housewife Needing Bolstering, Scene #01 Xxx Video

Housewife Needing Bolstering, Scene #01 Free Xxx Video

October 4, 2023
Channel: Evil Angel

A housewife, Savannah Bond, arrives for a massage appointment, but learns her regular masseuse is away. She explains to the substitute masseuse, Scarlett Sage, that her body is really sore. Savannah says the treatment her regular masseuse has been giving her helps temporarily, but her aches always flare up again, so she wonders if Scarlett can recommend anything different to help. Scarlett suggests a bolster massage to allow better access to Savannah’s backside for Scarlett to apply her techniques.

As Scarlett leads Savannah through a bolster massage, she asks probing questions about Savannah’s home life to try to better understand what could be causing her pains. Savannah says that she doesn’t do anything physically exerting so she doubts her lifestyle could be the cause of anything, so maybe it’s some kind of emotional stress.

Scarlett asks if Savannah has any causes of emotional strain or stress she’s been holding back. Savannah admits that she’s having huge second thoughts about her marriage, and after Scarlett digs deeper Savannah admits she has been questioning her sexuality for some time. She has kept it to herself for so long, it must have built up inside her. Scarlett suggests a surprising solution – a bit of lesbian sex will cure her worries! Savannah is hesitant, but once Scarlett assures her she’ll feel so much better afterwards, she agrees to give it a try.