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Homeschooling, Scene #01 Xxx Video

Homeschooling, Scene #01 Free Xxx Video

October 4, 2023
Channel: Evil Angel

Neil (Clarke Kent), a single stepfather, has been homeschooling his stepdaughter Sarah (Aria Valencia), and today they will be focusing on the subject of home economics. As they settle in, it seems like their familial relationship is PERFECT, although there’s something unsettling about it. Sarah seems EXTREMELY naive and sheltered while Neil’s overly chummy and chipper attitude borders on creepy. It’s clear that they both spend a lot of time together – maybe a little TOO much.

When they open the textbook to the current chapter, they find an exercise where two students pretend to be husband and wife for the day and do chores together. Since Sarah has no classmates, Neil convinces Sarah to do the exercise with him instead. Without hesitation, she excitedly and innocently scurries away to grab an apron. As she does, she misses the lustful glint in Neil’s eyes.

For the first chore, Neil and Sarah do the dishes together. Neil gets playfully flirty, using the fact that they’re supposed to be roleplaying as husband and wife as an excuse. Although she’s a bit taken aback, Sarah easily goes along with Neil’s requests, which includes referring to him as ‘dear.’

But as they do more and more chores together, Neil becomes even flirtier and bolder. By the end of the day, Neil and Sarah perform their seemingly last chore: making the bed together. But when Sarah thinks she’s done for the day, Neil convinces her to do one more ‘chore’: spend the night in bed with him.