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Gunnar Stone’s Sausage For Breakfast with Micah Martinez Xxx Video

Gunnar Stone’s Sausage For Breakfast with Micah Martinez Free Xxx Video

October 4, 2023
Channel: Evil Angel

As with many long term relationships Gunnar Stone and Micah Martinez had been falling into a rut as of late but Micah wanted to turn that around with a big effort to have a nice Sunday breakfast together with his Partner. Gunnar comes down to the kitchen and can not help but notice Micah is in a very sexy little outfit first thing in the morning as Micah comes over to set the table and bends over just an extra bit. But then here Micah comes again with some very nice cheese and crackers and says there is more. Just as Gunnar is diving into the snacks here comes Micah again with homemade Frittatas and Gunnar is really moved by the effort. But something else is moving as well and that’s his desire and his cock. So pushing the lovely breakfast out of the way he grabs Micah’s cock to start off with some sausage and sucks it down deep. Gunnar devours his entire breakfast with relish and when he tops Micah off with his own cream topping they finally sit down to eat their meal.