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Good Twin, Bad Twin, Scene #01 Xxx Video

Good Twin, Bad Twin, Scene #01 Free Xxx Video

October 4, 2023
Channel: Evil Angel

Elise (Stevie Moon) is finishing up her shift at a coffee shop when Ryder (Lucky Fate), a client she’s never seen before, enters and makes an order. There’s something off about Ryder, and when Elise goes to bring him his coffee, her suspicions are confirmed as he starts spewing rude and offensive comments toward her. Elise tries to diffuse the situation, but Ryder goes too far, prompting Elise to slap him as a gut reaction. Ryder storms out of the cafe, leaving Elise reeling.

Just then, Ryder’s twin, Chris (Lucky Fate), rushes into the cafe and goes up to Elise with concern. He apologizes for what happened, explaining that his twin, Ryder, can be quite the asshole. There’s no excuse for what he did, and Chris offers to make it up to Elise in whatever way he can. In a strange turn of events, Elise ends up charmed by this good twin, and even agrees to go on a date with him after her shift. It seems like every cloud really does have a silver lining…

But when they go back to Chris’ house after their date, Elise can’t help but notice that there’s something just a bit off about Chris as well, though she just can’t quite put her finger on it. Still, the night was pleasant enough, and Elise could certainly use some cheering up after what happened with Ryder, so she agrees to fool around. As they fuck, however, Chris seems more and more unhinged, even asking for anal sex, which Elise agrees to. But Elise still can’t shake the feeling that she’s been duped somehow… and that this twin’s apparent sincerity just might be too good to be true.