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Go Bi Or Go Home #02 – Mason Lear, Aspen X & Adira Allure Xxx Video

Go Bi Or Go Home #02 – Mason Lear, Aspen X & Adira Allure Free Xxx Video

October 4, 2023
Channel: Evil Angel

It’s first thing in the morning when Adira Allure runs into her husband Mason Lear’s bed with some big and exciting news. She just got a call from their friend Aspen X- it turns out he’s at the airport for a surprise visit! In fact, Adira decided to let him come over and stay with them for the weekend! Isn’t that GREAT?

But Mason isn’t exactly thrilled about this surprise visit from Aspen. Mason finds him annoying and entitled- not to mention the fact that Aspen hooked up with Mason’s ex behind his back. The LAST thing Mason wants is for Aspen to be hanging around his house all weekend. Adira, however, is persistent, so Mason can do little be agree to it, hoping to God that things don’t get out of hand.

But when Mason, Aspen, and Adira return home from sushi later that day, things end up going exactly as Mason feared. Mason offers Apsen one of the rooms down the hall, but Aspen suggests he stay in THEIR bedroom for a little frisky fun. Adira LOVES that idea, and she starts sensually rubbing Aspen’s abs up and down. Adira and Aspen start fucking in front of Mason, not having a care in the world for the poor guy. Mason has two options: he can either play it straight and leave the room in a huff OR he can see what it’s like being bi for an evening and join in!