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Get Well Soon, Scene #01 Xxx Video

Get Well Soon, Scene #01 Free Xxx Video

March 24, 2023

Jennifer (Kyler Quinn) has been ill, but she’s finally out of the hospital, and just needs to rest at home for a few more days before she can return to school. As she’s resting in her room, she gets a visit from her classmate, Suzie (Samantha Black). It turns out that Suzie is here to drop off a jumbo-sized ‘Get Well Soon’ card that people at school have signed for her. Jennifer is grateful for the nice surprise, and after Suzie leaves, she begins to read the messages written in the card. At first, Jennifer is appreciative of the sweet messages from her classmates… but then to her shock, she sees that someone anonymously wrote a dirty note about wanting to fuck her in the ass. She throws the card to the floor in disgust.

Jennifer is embarrassed, but becomes curious about who could have written something so bold. She picks up the card and gets increasingly curious as she wonders who wrote it. Becoming turned on as she imagines who could want her so badly, Jennifer masturbates while looking at the card. The card eventually falls to the floor, as the masturbation continues and she imagines various possibilities.

Wanting to find this mysterious person, Jennifer realizes that he must have been the last person to sign the card, otherwise someone else would have ended up noticing the dirty message. Jennifer calls Suzie to ask who it was. Suzie says the last person to sign the card was their classmate Olivia, but Jennifer says that can’t be right. Suzie then says that after Olivia signed it, she gave the card to their teacher, Mr. Williams (Ryan Driller). Jennifer is surprised, but also intrigued.

A few days later, Jennifer is fully recovered, and she stays after school to talk to Mr. Williams. She says that she believes a message in the card was written by him. Mr. Williams is pleased that Jennifer doesn’t seem upset, and brazenly asks if it excited her, and if it made her wet. Jennifer admits that it did, and says that she wants him to fuck her, including giving Jennifer her first anal experience.