Flashing Before His Eyes, Scene #01 Xxx Video

Flashing Before His Eyes, Scene #01 Free Xxx Video

March 27, 2023

A masseuse, Delilah Day, is at work when her colleague and best friend Anthony Pierce comes in. He is shaken up, explaining that he just narrowly escaped a frightening traffic accident. It was such a close call that his life flashed before his eyes. Delilah is immediately concerned for her good friend, and tries to help him calm down. There are hints that deeper feelings lie below the surface of their friendship. Delilah then offers to give Anthony a massage to help him feel better. He agrees.

A moment later, in the massage room, they both get naked to prepare for the massage. Anthony then lies face down on the mattress, and Delilah uses NURU oil to slowly and sensually massage him. He steadily begins to feel better. When Anthony flips over onto his back, the sexual tension ramps up and the massage begins to get increasingly erotic.

As the attraction between them grows, Anthony confesses that when his life flashed before his eyes, he realized that he wants more than just friendship from Delilah. Much to his delight, she admits that she feels the same way. They kiss, and then Delilah sucks on Anthony’s cock. She pours more NURU oil onto her beautiful body, and Anthony lovingly caresses her all over before taking the intimacy to the next level. Life is precious, and these two are not going to waste another moment…